Pioneer KennelClear Natural Spray Kit clears fleas, ticks, mite families, including Demodex, Sarcoptic, Cheyletiella and Otodex Mite variants, lice, midges and many flying, biting insects and parasites that invade your dog's skin and coat. KennelClear is all natural made from herbs and oils. It has extra Lavender and Patchouli oils which are important in calming exciteable dogs and small animals. 

KennelClear provides TEN x 750ml bottles of spray from the kit supplied. This makes it the most economic effective natural spray on the UK market. KennelClear can be sprayed directly onto the dog's skin, soaking right down to the skin - this is important - KennelClear is intended to thoroughly wet the skin at the follicles (where the hair leaves the skin). This point is where most mite families gather to feed on skin debris. After a few minutes, the soaking action clears away eggs, larvae and pupae of fleas and parasites, interrupting the life cycle. KennelClear is also sprayed onto clothing, baskets, kennels, transport kennels and boxes, vehicle spaces where kennels rest and on rugs, carpets, mats and dog flaps. The combination of CAREWASH and KennelClear will keep your animal free from parasites, maintain a healthy skin and bring up the coat to a very high tone.