Pioneer Kennel Clear For Dogs is a superb spray that will clear fleas, tics, mites, midges and biting insects from the dog's coat and skin, as well as his kennel, bedding, clothing, transport kennel.   You can make TEN x 750ml bottles of spray with this kit. Use Kennel Clear on all animals with confidence. Chickens brought into a rescue centre were found to be mite infested (Red Spider Mite). Sprays with Kennel Clear totally cleared the infestation. We have also had a very high success rate with Kennel Clear used in the greenhouses, where it controlled Red Spider mite and Greenfly, Blackfly and Thrips. Sprays were directed on the floor of the houses and on the soil in pots and in the open garden - not directly onto the plants. Enhanced Kennel Clear has an outstanding calming effect on most breeds of dogs, horses and alpacas - and many other animals. It is truly the most economic, effective natural external parasite and calming spray available. If you can find better at a better price - tell us! We'll refund your purchase price.

Is all natural and based on pure essential oils
emulsified in water. It will keep fleas, tics, mites, midges and flying biting insects away from the dog and his environment including the dog, his bedding, kennel, clothing, transport kennel and the inside of the vehicle used for transporting dogs, cats and smaller animals to shows and venues. Works with a very broad range of animals including: Horses, Dogs, Cats, Alpaccas, Poultry, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters.

The supply bottle contains 100ml of a concentrated oils mix. There are TEN oils in this concentrate. The calming effect is enhanced by a unique blending of the Lavender and Patchouli oils part of the concentrate.
This Make-it-Yourself kit is so easy to use! Pour 10ml of the supply oils into the 750ml spray bottle, (two of the spoons supplied), add one pipette of emulsifying liquid, top up with water to the screw marks on the bottle, screw the spray trigger into the bottle and give it a good shake. Job done! Shake the bottle well each time before use.

ONE spray on its own, purchased from a pet shop would cost £6 or £7 so you can see that PIONEER KENNEL CLEAR is a real bargain. But we never skimp on quality. The supply bottle will make TEN x 750ml bottles of spray, OR, FIVE x 2 litre bowls of sponge bath, OR, TWO x 3 litre garden sprays (PLUS 2 more 750ml bottles!!) for those larger kennels and their surrounding areas.  At £20 for a full kit, you get great value for money!
Refill oil supply bottles available at discount to repeat customers.